Looking back to 2020, when there was no shortage of challenges, we are proud that this did not hinder the achievement of the company’s targets. At the forefront of the pandemic, one of Gaschema’s priority goals was the safety of employees, in which the company constantly invests.

Today, we can be glad that the right decisions, the concentration of employees at the forefront of the crisis in the global economic situation, enabled the company to work at full capacity and produce and sell more than 2.3 million. cubic meters of compressed gas, over 52 thousand. tons of liquefied gas products, almost 125 thousand. tons of urea solution AdBlue.

We felt especially important and social responsibility during the pandemic, contributing to the supply of the Lithuanian health system: due to the pandemic, two medical oxygen supply stations were built in Panevėžys Republican and Kėdainiai hospitals as a matter of urgency. Trade in medical oxygen and nitrous oxide in cylinders has also begun.

Last year, Gaschema invested 1.4 million. euros. New production engineering solutions for the company, installing a new 1 million. liters of AdBlue storage capacity, allowed to expand storage capacity to 2 million. liters. The company has also invested in a new, modern AdBlue filling ramp.

Among other things, Gaschema continued to export its products to Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and other Central European countries.

AB Gaschema Sweden, based in Sweden, manufactures and sells AdBlue and AUS-40. These products

for the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish markets. Revenue for 2020 – 3.9 million. euros.

SIA Gaschema, which operates in Latvia, supplies the market with technical, food, special gas, AdBlue and ammonia

water. Revenue for 2020 – 1.8 million. euros.

UAB ,, Gaschema “revenue in 2020 – 28.4 million. EUR, profit before taxes – 4.0 mln. euros. The company has created 121 jobs.