Nitrogen (E941) (N2) is colourless, odourless, tasteless, non-toxic and chemically inert gas.

Due to its low temperature, liquid nitrogen (E941) is widely used in food industry as a freezing agent and as a protection against the impact of microorganisms. Nitrogen (E941) extends the period of validity of food and maintains its nutrients and is also used for packing products. In other fields of industry, nitrogen (E941) is useful in suppressing the combustion processes and in creating protective environment in order to avoid oxidation.

Nitrogen (E941) is obtained from the atmospheric air by dividing it into composite parts. It meets the specific purity criteria laid down in EU Directive No. 231/2010. Nitrogen is filled in bright green coloured cylinders with black shoulder.

We offer to purchase nitrogen in:

Galime užpildyti ir kitokios talpos balionus. Klientams, perkantiems didelį azoto E941 kiekį, pastatomos specialios produktui skirtos stacionarios talpos, o azotas E941 pristatomas autocisternomis.

  • 5 l cylinders (0,96 m3, 200 bar);
  • 10 l cylinders (1,91 m3, 200 bar);
  • 50 l cylinders (9,5 m3, 200 bar);
  • Cylinder bundles  12 x 50 l (114 m3, 200 bar);
  • Dewars from 3 kg to … (subject to the volume of dewars);
  • Euro-cylinders from 230 l to 1,000 l.

Fields of industry:

Food industry

Nitrogen (E941) is used for cooling, freezing and storing food products. Due its very low temperature, food products are frozen very quickly, thus, avoiding the formation of large ice crystals and accumulation of moisture. The smaller are the ice crystals and the more gradual is their distribution, the better is the quality of defrost food. In other words, the food products are characterised by better appearance, taste and smell.

Nitrogen (E941) is suitable for protecting food products from oxidation and microorganisms, to extend their period of validity in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). In such packages, nitrogen (E941) neutralises the absorption effect of carbon dioxide and reduces the vacuum effect.

Due to its inertness, nitrogen (E941) gas can be used for pushing out the air (oxygen) from the packaging, thus, reducing or completely eliminating its impact on the product. Nitrogen (E941) is used in plastic packages that must maintain a necessary form in order to preserve fragile products.



If nitrogen (E941) pushes the oxygen necessary for breathing out of the air, it causes asphyxia (suffocation). Liquid nitrogen (E941) can cause cryogenic frostbites. More information on safe handling of nitrogen (E941) is provided in the material safety data sheet.