Gas mixture for beer “CarboNOX”

Gaschema offers not only the ingredient “Carbodine” (food carbon dioxide E290) for the food industry and bottling of carbonated beverages (fruit waters, beer, sparkling wine) (, but also and various gas mixtures.

It is often discussed how to pour beer in bars, cafes or restaurants – using only carbon dioxide pressure or special gas mixtures, therefore Gaschema offers its customers to try an innovation that has no analogues in Lithuania – a special, unique gas mixture for CarboNox beer, which allows customers to serve exclusively quality and expressive beer. The tradition of supplementing beer with special gas blends originated in England in order to preserve the true, authentic legacy of the beer taste of this country, and now we offer this opportunity to our customers as well.

Like Carbodine, the CarboNox gas mixture is manufactured to the highest quality standards in accordance with EN ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards. Gaschema has more than 15 years of experience in the production and supply of gas for the food industry and has earned brands such as Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Heineken, PepsiCo, Švyturys-Utenos alus, “Kalnapilis-Tauras alus”, “Wolf Engelman” and others. confidence.

Advantages of CarboNox

  • Enriches beer and reveals the full range of flavors;
  • The beer bubbles are fine and the foam stiff and thick;
  • Highlights the consistency (thickness) of beer;
  • Suitable for both light and dark beer;
  • Lower carbon dioxide concentrations do not irritate the stomach and do not cause heartburn;


Production orders are accepted Monday-Thursday from 7.30 am. to 4.30 pm, on Fridays from 7.30 am. until 2 p.m. If the order is placed before 11.00, we will deliver the gas cylinders within 24 hours!

CarboNox gas is filled with bright green cylinders with a black shoulder. We offer to buy CarboNox gas:

  • 13,4 l cylinders (200 bar, 2,21 m3);
  • 50 l cylinders (200 bar, 11 m3);



For information on how to use CarboNox gas mixture safely, see our safety data sheet.