“Karbodinas” (E290) (carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide or CO2) is colourless, odourless and tasteless gas widely spread in the nature.

Carbon dioxide (E290) occurs in three aggregate states: gas, liquid and solid. At low temperatures (-78.5 °C) and under normal atmospheric pressure, carbon dioxide changes its state,
i.e. it changes from solid state to gas or from gas to solid state (also called dry ice) by missing the medium liquid state. Carbon dioxide (E290) obtains a liquid state only when freezing and under higher than 6 bar atmospheric pressure (in the cylinder, carbon dioxide (E290) is pressed with 65-70 atmospheric


“Karbodinas” (E290) is used in the production of soda drinks, beer, sparkling wine, for rising (fluffing up) pastry. This type of gas is also used as food additive or freezing agent for fast freezing, storing and transportation of raw food or ready-to-cook products.

“Karbodinas” (E290) meets the specific purity criteria of EU Directive No. 231/2012 for food carbon dioxide and can be used in food industry as food additive E290 according to requirements of Annexes II and III of EU Directive No. 1333/2008 in the production of soda drinks, beer and other beverages. “Karbodinas” (E290) is filled in bright green cylinders with grey shoulder.

We offer to purchase “Karbodinas” (E290) in:

We can fill the cylinders of other volumes as well. The clients buying a considerable amount of “Karbodinas” (E290) are supplied with special storage tanks for the product and “Karbodinas” (E290) is delivered with semitrailers.

  • 13,4 l cylinders (10 kg);
  • 50 l cylinders (37 kg);
  • 12×50 l cylinder bundles (444 kg);
  • Euro-cylinders from  230 till 1000 l;
  • Liquid carbon dioxide (in tons)

Industry fields:

Food industry

“Karbodinas” (E290) is used in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) as well as a replacement of natural rising (fluffing up) products in pastry. The fermentation-causing yeast and milk acid bacteria extract carbon dioxide and it provides the pastry with a porous structure. “Karbodinas” (E290) used in food industry is the main ingredient of carbonated beverages (soda drinks, beer, sparkling wine).

“Karbodinas” (E290) is used for cooling and freezing food products as well as in order to keep their taste and texture without any changes as long as possible and to reduce the amount of natural and artificial preservatives. In a packaging, it acts as antibacterial preparation, i.e. prevents from the proliferation of microorganisms (mould and other dominating aerobic bacteria), suppresses the activity of microbes and, when dissolved in liquid food and fat, it reduces their pH value. “Karbodinas” (E290) accelerates the maturity of fruits and vegetables in green-houses.


Unprotected skin contact with liquid or solid carbon dioxide may cause cryogenic frostbites. The places of production should be ventilated. More information on safe handling of carbon dioxide is provided in the material safety data sheet.