Acetylene (C2H2), also known as ethin, is a colorless, odorless, almost insoluble gas and lighter than air gas.

Acetylene is a highly flammable gas. Combustible acetylene has an extremely high flame temperature (about 3300 ° C) and emits 11.8 kJ / g of heat. The primary acetylene combustion flame is the hottest and most concentrated of all combustible technical gases. Typically, acetylene is mixed with oxygen gas (1: 1) to obtain a flame. Due to this property, acetylene is used in many fields – in metal welding and cutting technologies, flame cleaning.

The biggest problem that acetylene consumers have faced in the past is the transportation of this gas. Acetylene is an unstable compound and can explode at pressures above 2 bar. Acetylene cylinders are filled with a special porous mass that effectively protects against explosion. In cylinders, acetylene is dissolved in acetone and absorbed by the porous mass, but evaporates and turns into a gas during use.

We offer to purchase acetylene gas in::

  • 5 l cylinders (0,9 kg);
  • 20 l cylinders (3,5 kg);
  • 40 l cylinders (8 kg);
  • Cylinder bundles 12 x 50 l (108 kg).

Fields of industry:

Acetylene is used as a fuel to be burned in an oxygen environment (eg welding, cutting, soldering, brazing, as well as heating, straightening, spraying, flame cleaning and other processes).

Soot production.
Burning acetylene in a small amount of air produces soot for black dye pigment (it is used for ink, dye in copiers, laser printers).


Acetylene is highly flammable and explosive and high concentrations of gas can cause asphyxiation (shortness of breath). To avoid health hazards, it is recommended to download the safety data sheet and follow the rules contained in it.