Propane-butane gas mixture is used as fuel for various vehicles. Propane is much lighter than butane, but it contains less energy. Under the influence of pressure, at temperature of – 42 oC, proprane condensed, whereas butane turns into liquid at temperature of – 7 oC.

Propane-butane gas mixture is filled to red coloured cylinders. This mixture is used for domestic purposes.

We offer to purchase propane-butane gas mixture in:

  • 50 l cylinders (po 21 kg).

Fields of industry:

Liquefied gas – mixture of propane and butane – is used for commercial purposes. During the summer, propan-butane mixture contains 40 % of propane and 60 % of butane, whereas the ratio is opposite in winter. Propane-butane is used for gas-fired indoor and outdoor heaters, heating of water and premises, etc.

 Transport and vehicles

Vehicle gas is composed of propane and butane mixture. In case of using only propane during winter, fuel costs would be much higher. In addition, propane gas in cylinders is suitable for gas-fired forklifts.

Food industry.

Propane-butane gas is used as a source of flame energy. Propane-butane cylinders are suitable for indoor and outdoor kitchens.


Propane-butane is explosive. In order to avoid health risks, it is recommended to download the material safety data sheet and observe provided instructions.