Hydrogen (H2) is colourless, tasteless and flammable gas. It is the mostly widespread chemical element in the entire universe. Usually, hydrogen forms various chemical compounds with other elements and is the main element of water, minerals and acids.

Hydrogen gas is considered as an important source of future power energy, in other words – an alternative for ordinary fuel. Gaseous or liquid hydrogen can be used in ordinary internal combustion engines and its burning causes no hazardous emissions to the environment. It is one of the most effective ways of solving global energetic and environment problems. Hydrogen gas performs an important role in producing various chemical compounds and processing metals.

One of the largest sources of hydrogen – water (H2O). Separation of hydrogen in performing water electrolysis is an environment-friendly process, however, the hydrogen received in this way accounts for barely 4% of hydrogen production. The major part of hydrogen (over 90%) is purified by applying reforming process, during which hydrogen is obtained from hydrocarbons (coal, oil, natural gas) compounds.

Hydrogen is filled in red coloured cylinders.

We offer to purchase hydrogen in:

50 l cylinders (8,96 m3, 200 bar).

Pramonės sritys:

Chemical industry

Hydrogen is used as raw-material in the production of ammonia methanol, hydrogen peroxide, solvents, plastic, polyester, nylon.


Hydrogen gas is used in furnaces for tempering metals. Hydrogen and oxygen flame is used for cutting ferrous metals. Hydrogen is also often mixed with argon and is used for welding metals.

Transport and aviation
Hydrogen can also be used as environmentally friendly alternative for petroleum and diesel. Hydrogen is also used as rocket-fuel (in rockets, spaceships).


Hydrogen gas is non-toxic, however, if inhaled, it can cause the feeling of suffocation. Barely 4% concentration in the room can cause an explosion. In order to avoid health risks, it is recommended to download the material safety data sheet and observe provided instructions.