Gas supply system

In order to ensure continuous production of gas and to avoid unplanned production downtime, we offer to install an automatic gas supply system for gas cylinders or cylinder bundles. Gas cylinders or cylinder bundles are connected to a special panel via flexible connections that ensure smooth gas switchover from empty group of gas cylinders to the full one.

Automatic gas supply system

Automatic gas supply system ensures that in case of shortage of gas in the cylinder or cylinder bundle, the system automatically switches and gas is used from the reserve cylinder or the cylinder bundle. It is also possible to connect alarm system in order to warn about the decreasing gas resources.

Semi-automatic gas supply system

Semi-automatic gas supply system switches to reserve cylinder or cylinder bundle automatically when gas cylinder or cylinder bundle is empty, however, when changing gas container, the employee should turn the reducer handle for the system to start using gas from the primary source.

Telemetric system

Telemetric system is dedicated to remote care and monitoring of large liquefied gas stations or gas bundles. The system is connected to central “Gaschema” computer, whereas the constantly updated information enables to monitor the balance and pressure of gas in client’s liquefied gas station. It is an excellent solution in order to ensure continuous supply of gas. “Gaschema” ensures constant supply with gas, therefore, the client does not need to monitor the level of gas or worry that production process will be terminated in case of lack of gas.