Euro cylinders, dewars

Euro-cylinders are double-walled stainless steel tanks used for storage and transportation of liquefied or compressed gas. Due to their special construction and vacuum formed between the walls, the gas is protected from external impact. Liquid or gaseous consistency gas can be used from Euro-cylinder subject to the needs of the customer.

Based on the amount of consumed gas, it is possible to choose the volume of Euro-cylinder from 60 to 1,000 litres. Large capacity Euro-cylinders store all liquefied atmospheric gases.


Dewars are pressure-free device maintaining constant temperature of stored gases (thermal energy does not pass inside and does not move outside the device). Dewars consists of two glossy surface vessels placed inside each other and separated by a vacuum gap. Vacuum stops the transfer of energy by thermal conductivity and convection. Dewars are usually of low capacity and maintain low temperature of liquefied atmospheric gases (argon, nitrogen, oxygen), therefore, are supplied to laboratories or medical institutions.