Carbon Dioxide R744 is a natural refrigerant gas, with multiple applications in commercial refrigeration, the food industry and refrigerated logistics.

Its main characteristics are:

  • High refrigerating power
  • Higher quality than the specifications required by the regulations
  • GWP – Global Warming Potential = 1
  • ODP – Ozone Depletion Potential =0
  • No legal limits on use
  • No need for disposal

Thanks to the innovative biogas upgrade technology developed by the Gaschema, R744 comes from renewable sources, a unique feature on the market.

Gaschema has developed a special tanker truck for loading large systems, equipped with an on-board skid, which allows the system to be pressurized with CO2 in the gaseous phase and then loaded with the liquid phase in a single operation. For maintenance on R744 plants, Gaschema has fitted a dedicated cylinder, equipped with a two-phase valve, which allows both the liquid and gaseous phase to be dispensed from the same package according to the operator’s needs.

CompositionPurityImpurities (ppmv)Supply modeCapacity (l)Contents (kg
CO2≥ 99.9 %H2O ≥ 10 ppm
Incondensable ≥ 5 ppm
Tanker truck≅9800 l≅7000 kg
Cylinder bundle*16 x 40 l480 kg
Steel cylinder with two-phase valve40 l30 kg
Steel cylinder with two-phase valve27 l20 kg
 * 16 cylinders 40 l (640 l)
Degree of filling: 0.75kg/l      
Valve connection: UNI 11144-2 ex UNI 4406
Chemical and physical properties
Physical state:Liquefied gas
Molecular weight:44 g/mol
Melting point:-78.5 °C
Boiling point (at 1.013 bar):-56.6 °C
Critical temperature:31 °C
Critical pressure:73.8 bar
Relative density, gas (*):1.52 (air=1)
Relative density, liquid:0.82 (water=1)
Vapour pressure at 20°C:57.3 bar
Appearance/colour:Colourless gas
Safety classification (ASHRAE 34)A1
(*) at 1.013 bar and 21.1 °C