Use of dry ice for celebrations

Dry ice is an all-natural product used in the food industry to refrigerate or cool products, so you can easily adapt it for a picnic, celebration or company party. With dry ice you will cool drinks, food and create unique special effects. Dry ice does not have a liquid state and when heated, it turns into gas, so in reaction with hot water, thick clouds of mist are formed, which become an exclusive decoration of a space or table.

Benefits of dry ice

Gaschema is the only dry ice producer in Lithuania. The product is made from food carbon dioxide E290.

  • All natural, environmentally friendly and harmless to health;
  • Does not change the taste of food or beverages;
  • Refrigerated products stay cooler even a dozen times longer than when frozen with regular ice;
  • No by-products such as odor or water remain on evaporation;
  • No special equipment is required to create effects.

Panaudojimo idėjos

  • A thick mist coming from a beverage cooling bucket or snack tray;
  • Bubbling cocktails that can be drunk with straw;
  • Table decor with a touch of exclusivity and luxury;
  • Steam clouds floating in the underground – dance hall decoration;
  • Customer-facing fog in restaurants or bars;
  • Entertainment-educational experiments at children’s events;
  • Impressive effects for various types of photo shoots.

Users manual

The use of dry ice to produce festive decor effects does not require any specific knowledge or skills. All you need is a liquid and warm medium. To create a thick fog effect for 8-10 minutes, fill the container with 15-20 l of hot water, add approximately 2.5 kg of dry ice and admire the view. To enjoy a bubbling drink, it is enough to throw a few pieces of dry ice into the room temperature liquid – this will create a special effect and the drink will be cooled.

How to order dry ice?

Order dry ice cream for a party or commercial purposes in advance, as it naturally evaporates at natural temperatures and is therefore only produced for the duration of your order.

Dry ice containers

Dry ice is delivered in special thermal insulation containers that you can rent, in disposable containers that you can buy on site or bring your own cooler bag. The minimum order quantity is 3 kg.

Capacity in kilogramsCapacity dimensions (external)Capacity dimensions (internal)
3,6 kg200x200x325140x140x225
10 kg300x400x230240x340x170
20 kg600x400x183550x350x140
40 kg600x400x340540x340x280


Although dry ice is non-toxic, the use of large amounts of it also increases the concentration of carbon dioxide, so the room must be well ventilated. In order to avoid cryogenic frostbite, due to the extremely low temperature (- 79 ° С) dry ice should not be taken with bare hands, i.e. y. it is necessary to wear frost-resistant gloves. For more information on how to use dry ice safely, see our safety data sheet.