Argon (Ar) is non-toxic, odourless and colourless inert gas used as protection in processing various metals at high temperatures.

Various hazardous particles are extracted to the environment during welding process. When using argon, oxidation does not occur during smelting process. Argon is characterised by especially low thermal conductivity, therefore, is also used in other fields of industry

Argon is obtained from the atmospheric air by dividing it into composite parts. Before use, liquid argon is evaporated to achieve its gaseous consistency.

The clients buying a considerable amount of argon are supplied with special storage tank for the product and argon is delivered with semitrailers.

Fields of industry:


Argon protects materials (active and rare metals and their alloys, aluminium, aluminium and magnesium alloys, stainless heat-resistant chromium and nickel alloys and treated steel of different kinds) from oxidation during welding, smelting and cutting processes and reduces extraction of hazardous vapour during welding.

In this area, argon is used for purification of metals, protection of liquid metal from contact with environment and their interaction.


In case of unprotected skin contact, liquid argon can cause cryogenic frostbites. More information on safe handling of argon is provided in the material safety data sheet.