Helium (He) is colourless, odourless, tasteless, non-reacting and especially light-weight inert gas. Helium evaporation and boiling point is the lowest of all elements, therefore, liquid helium is an ideal cooling substance where especially low temperature is necessary.

Due to its cryogenic properties, liquid helium is usually used for cooling down magnets and various scientific tests in laboratories.

The major part of helium molecules are present in the atmosphere, however, its concentration is only about 5 parts per million. For this reason, obtaining of helium molecules directly from the air is simply impractical, and, for commercial use, helium is extracted from natural gas deposits, where its concentration is much higher. Unfortunately, the resources of helium, same as other non-renewable natural resources, are decreasing.

We offer to purchase liquid helium in Euro-cylinders of 230 l.

Fields of industry:

Liquid helium is used to cool down very powerful magnets, for example, the magnetic resonance imaging machines in hospitals.


Liquid helium can cause cryogenic frostbites. More information on safe handling of helium is provided in the material safety data sheet.