Special gases and their applications.

“Gaschema” specialty gases and their mixtures are produced of superior quality gases by applying the newest technologies and following the strictest requirements. “Gaschema” also supplies instrument gases that allow the achievement of the limit values of determination of sensitivity of detectors and analysers and make a precise use of them in the fields of industry and laboratories applying the highest quality requirements. These gases meet the highest category technical specifications.

Having over 15 years of experience in the field of production of gases, “Gaschema” is an official representative of global gas concern “SIAD” in the market of specialty gases and gas mixtures in the Baltic States. “Gaschema” offers a wide range of pure gases characterized by various consistencies (acetylene, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, methane, synthetic air, krypton, neon) and their special mixtures.

The products are supplied to the client together with quality certificates issued by qualified specialists working in the laboratories of concern “SIAD” and proving the highest quality and reliability of gases. Specialty gases or their mixtures are supplied in high-pressure cylinders of various sizes.

For more information on the supplied specialty gases and their mixtures please visit our website or call the provided contact telephone numbers.