“Gaschema” offers are wide range of specialty gas mixtures – it is possible to mix from 2 to 15 components. Gas mixtures are produced on the basis of argon, nitrogen, synthetic air, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, oxygen and synthetic air. The technology of production of specialty gases allows the production of various combinations subject to the client’s needs and specifics of activities, however, also in view of the compatibility of components.

We offer to purchase specialty gas mixtures in cylinders of 1 l, 2 l, 5 l, 10 l, 20 l, 40 l and 50 l.

The mixtures prepared in various proportions are used in the fields of new technologies (e.g. lasers), for calibration of instruments and various research activities.

Fields of industry:


Specialty mixtures are used for calibration of laser devices or instruments, to ensure control of environment and production processes, chromatography of gases and absorption of atoms. Mixtures of pure gases are also used as catalysers.

Electronics industry

Mixtures of pure gases are used for filling glow-lamps, production of detectors of liquids, toxic and flammable gases and production of lasers.


High-quality specialty mixtures are used for sterilisation as well as chemical tests and storage of biological samples.

Food industry

Specialty mixtures are used for maturing fruits.

Metalworking industry

High-quality mixtures are used for precise welding and purification of metals in metallurgy processes.


In order to avoid heath risks, it is recommended to observe the regulations provided in the material date sheet. Quality certificates and material data sheets are provided together with the purchased gases.