Pure gases (acetylene, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, synthetic air) are prepared and supplied to laboratories as instrument gases for performance of various tests and various other fields of industry the activity of which requires high quality and precision. A particular focus is on the preparation of storage and transportation containers to ensure long-term and continuous use.

Many laboratories or complex fields of industry use the gases having only a very small amount of impurities. These are the gases with coefficient of purity amounting to 7.0 (99.99999%).

We offer to purchase the following specialty gases:

Gas positionCylinderVolumeFilling pressure (bar)
Acetylene 2.6Cylinder 20 l4 kg
Acetylene 2.6Cylinder 40 l8 kg
Acetylene 2.6Cylinder 50 l10 kg
Oxygen 3.5Cylinder 50 l10,5 m³200
Oxygen 5.0Cylinder 10 l2,1 m³200
Oxygen 5.0Cylinder 50 l10,5 m³200
Oxygen 6.0Cylinder 50 l10,5 m³200
Carbon dioxide 4.8Cylinder 40 l30 kg
Nitrogen 5.0Cylinder 10 l2 m³200
Nitrogen 5.0Cylinder 50 l10 m³200
Nitrogen 5.5Cylinder 50 l10 m³200
Nitrogen 6.0Cylinder 50 l10 m³200
Argon 5.0Cylinder10 l2,2 m³200
Argon 5.0Cylinder 50 l10,7 m³200
Argon 6.0Cylinder 50 l10,7 m³200
Vandenilis 5.5Cylinder 10 l1,82 m³200
Vandenilis 5.5Cylinder 50 l9,1 m3200
Vandenilis 6.0Cylinder 50 l9,1 m3200
Hydrogen 4.6Cylinder 10 l1,86 m³200
Hydrogen 4.6Cylinder 50 l9,1 m³200
Hydrogen 5.0Cylinder 50 l9,1 m³200
Hydrogen 6.0Cylinder 50 l9,1 m³200
Synthetic air 5.0Cylinder 50 l9,7 m³200
Methane 2.5Cylinder 50 l12 m3200
Methane 5.5Cylinder 50 l12 m3200
Krypton gasCylinder 50 l9,4 m³200
Sulphur hexafluoride SF6Cylinder 40 l40 kg

Fields of industry:

Electronics industry 

The production of semi-conductors uses very pure materials. Nitrogen and argon are used for filling gas-discharge lamps.


Pure oxygen and nitrogen are used in the fuel production industry.


Pure gases are used in laboratories, for example, for particle accelerators, aerobic biology research. Nitrogen is used as antibacterial medium.

Pure helium is used for cooling magnetic resonance imaging machine parts. Pure oxygen is used for anaesthesia, treatment of serious respiration disorders or even to relieve a heart attack.


In order to avoid heath risks, it is recommended to observe the regulations provided in the material date sheet. Quality certificates and material data sheets are provided together with the purchased gases.