Hydrogen– is low-density, reducing gas. Argon mixtures with hydrogen are usually used for TIG and plasma welding. Composition of such mixture has influence on narrower arc, higher energy density, heat transmission and arc stress. The use of this mixture enables to achieve more productive work and reduce time costs. Hydrogen is also mixed with nitrogen.

We offer to buy the following argon and nitrogen gas mixtures with hydrogen::

Gas mixturesCylinderPressureVolume
ArH250 l200 bar10,8 m3
ArH550 l200 bar10,8 m3
ArH3550 l200 bar10,8 m3
NH550 l200 bar10 m3

Fields of industry:


Argon mixture with hydrogen is exclusively used for welding austenitic steel by applying TIG method. When using this gas mixture, welding is faster and metal is less deformed and deeper welded.

Root protection gas.
Nitrogen mixture with hydrogen (5-10%) is used for protection of welding root. This gas is usually used for welding pipes – it is filled inside the pipe to obtain smooth welding root seam.


In case of pushing out oxygen out of the air, this gas mixture can cause asphyxia (suffocation), increase in blood-pressure, therefore, the premises should be ventilated. More information on safe handling of argon or nitrogen mixture with hydrogen is provided in the material safety data sheet.