Helium–  inert, low-density gas, whereas argon mixture with helium is colourless, odourless and non-flammable. When using mixtures with helium, the welding arc is wider, hotter and of higher tension than in case of using pure argon. These mixtures are widely used for TIG, MIG welding, because helium ensures wider and deeper welding.

We offer mixtures with helium:

Gas mixturesCylinderPressureVolume
ArHe3050 l200 bar10,2 m3
ArHe5050 l200 bar9,8 m3

Fields of industry:

Mixtures with helium are used for welding aluminium by applying MIG method. The use of this mixture makes welding faster, wider and deeper and helps to avoid welding defects.


In case of pushing out oxygen out of the air, this gas mixture can cause asphyxia (suffocation), increase in blood-pressure, therefore, the premises should be ventilated. More information on safe handling of argon mixture with helium is provided in the material safety data sheet.