BRELUX – medical oxygen (liquid gas)

BRELUX is a prescription medicine registered in Lithuania.

The active substance is oxygen. Strength – 100% (V / V).

Pharmaceutical form – liquefied medical gas. Odorless, colorless, tasteless gas at normal temperature and pressure. Below boiling point (-183.0 oC) a pale blue liquid.

Special precautions for storage: This medicinal product does not require any special storage conditions. Keep the mobile cryogenic container tightly closed.

Capacity and its content:

  • Mobile cryogenic vessel made of stainless steel with vacuum insulation.
  • The tank contains up to 23,000 kg of liquefied medical oxygen.

Registrant of the medicinal product – Gaschema, UAB, Lithuania. The registration system for medicinal products guarantees that the medicinal product is evaluated by an EU authorized body and meets modern requirements for its quality, safety and efficacy.

Manufacturer – Achema, AB, Lithuania. The manufacturer has been granted a manufacturing license for medicinal products. The requirements of EU good manufacturing practice apply to the manufacture of the medicinal product. Good manufacturing practice for medicinal products is part of quality assurance, which guarantees the consistent production and control of the medicinal product in accordance with the applicable quality standards so that the manufactured medicinal product meets its intended purpose, marketing authorization certificate and specifications.

BRELUX is used for:

  • for the treatment or prevention of acute or chronic oxygen deficiency;
  • as propellant for inhalation of other medicines (nebuliser treatment)
  • as part of a gas flow during anesthesia, analgesia, or intensive care;
  • in baroque chambers to reduce the risk of damage caused by caisson (decompression) disease, gas or air bubbles in the blood vessels, and in the treatment of severe carbon monoxide poisoning and gangrene gas;
  • for the treatment of an acute cluster (concentrated) headache attack.