Gas production and logistics are the main area of our competence. These fields requires special performance in the procedures in order to help creating a safe working environment and perform the prevention of possible damage. In order to ensure customer safety, all our products are provided with quality passports or declarations of conformity as a guarantee that all actions stipulated for quality control procedures have been performed and all gas products and gas mixtures have been carefully tested.

ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certificate. The scope of certification covers the production and marketing of gas, gas products, urea solution and other chemicals.

Food Safety Management Certificate, which includes FSSC 22000, ISO 22000 and ISO / TS 22002-1. The scope of the certification covers the production and logistics of carbon dioxide used as a food ingredient and packaging gases and gas mixtures used for food packaging.

European Industrial Gas Association (EIGA) certificate. EIGA is a safety and production technology-oriented organization representing the vast majority of European and non-European companies producing and distributing gases for the industrial, medical and food industries.

Coca-Cola’s letter of confirmation that the carbon dioxide produced by Gaschema meets Coca-Cola’s production and logistics requirements.

Pepsico letter of confirmation that the carbon dioxide produced by Gaschema meets Pepsico’ s production and logistics requirements.

Other Gaschema documents

All our activities are based on quality, environmental, employee and food safety policies, which emphasize our responsible approach to business.

The following important documents relate to Gaschema’s day-to-day operations and responsibilities: