What is AZO UREA?

Urea are specially structured granules synthetically made from ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) formed in a reactor at high pressure and temperature. Urea granules are white, free of any foreign impurities, low biuret.

Urea prepared differently (coated or uncoated) is used for various purposes. UREA (coated) – special coated urea used as a fertilizer. This coating prevents the urea granules from sticking together.

UREA (uncoated) is an extremely high quality technical urea with an extremely low biuret content. High quality products are made from this urea: AZO AdBlue®; AZO NOX AUS20; AZO NOX AUS40.

Packaging and supply of urea granules

Gaschema is the only manufacturer of technical urea suitable for AdBlue® in the Baltic States. Gaschema supplies this raw material to its companies in Sweden (Gaschema Sweden) and Finland (Gaschema Finland), where high-quality, NOx-reducing products AdBlue® and AUS 20 / AUS 40 are produced for the local market. Urea is also exported to other European countries as a raw material for the production of AdBlue®.

UREA granules are packed in special big bags:

UREA (covered)25 kg500 kg1000 kg
UREA (uncovered)500 kg1000 kg