Propane R290 is a natural refrigerant gas, with multiple applications in fixed commercial refrigeration, especially in refrigerator/freezer cabinets with integrated group, and for small refrigerators such as distributors and small domestic refrigerators.

Its main characteristics are:

  • High refrigerating power
  • GWP – Global Warming Potential = 3
  • ODP – Ozone Depletion Potential = 0
  • Availability at a constant price

As R-290 is a pure HC hydrocarbon, it falls into the ASHRAE A3 safety category, among highly flammable products. Precisely because of this particular characteristic, the reference standard allows for limited charges in equipment using technology, effectively restricting the size of the equipment itself. The thermodynamic characteristics of this product make it very suitable for use in plug-in systems at low and medium temperatures.

CompositionPurityImpurities (ppmp)Supply modeCapacity (l)Contents (kg)
C3H8≥ 99.5 %H2O ≥ 10 ppm Incondensable ≥ 5 ppmWelded cylinder80 l33 kg
Steel cylinder20 l8 kg
Maximum degree of filling: 0.42kg/l                                                                      Valve connection: UNI 11144-1H ex UNI 4405
Chemical and physical properties
Physical stateLiquefied gas
Molecular weight44.1 g/mol
Boiling point at 1.013 bar-42.1°C
Critical temperature96.7°C
Critical pressure42.5 bar
Saturated liquid density at 25°C492 kg/m3
Saturated vapour density at 1.013 bar20.6 kg/m3
Vapour pressure at 25°C9.5 bar at
Vapour pressure at 50°C17.1 bar at
Appearance/colourColourless gas
OdourSlight characteristic odour
Flammability limit in air11.7.-10.8%vol
Safety classification (ASHRAE 34)A3
 *:at 25 °C and 1.013 bar